This Industry also has more job security as compared to the other fields. Updating the firewalls and providing training to all the personnel so that data leaks at any level can be avoided. Assessing the new threats and vulnerabilities in the present network infrastructure.

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In the computer security world, the exact position of a cybersecurity specialist is an entry-level job. It is a starting point from which you can branch out, depending on what suits you and what skills you continue building. A security specialist typically monitors the existing security infrastructure, suggests improvements, runs system checks, and researches potential new risks. A security consultant salary will vary depending on a number of factors, including job responsibilities, type of company or organization, industry, your experience and geographic location. But according toCyberseek, the average salary for this position is $87,735;PayScalecites salaries ranging from $61,000 to $135,000. These are extremely important questions, and ones that security consultants strive to answer as they fight on the front lines against all types of security threats.

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As per ISC2,CISSP®certification is a globally recognized standard of achievement that confirms an individual’s knowledge in the field of information security. It was the first certification in the field of information security to meet the stringent requirements of ISO/IEC Standard 17024. They install software and encryption, research information technology trends, review suspicious activity, and educate employees about security. In the case a cyber attack occurs, Cybersecurity Analysts often lead efforts to defend against and recover from the attack. A robust cybersecurity strategy will inspire confidence in customers. Many businesses gather information from their customers, so customers need to feel that their data is in safe hands.

What are similar professions to Security Specialist?

The most similar professions to Security Specialist are:Police OfficerSecurity OfficerPolice SergeantCorrectional Officer

Security trainers educate employees on the best practices in cybersecurity and ways to avoid compromising the organization’s safety. Applying for a CISA certificate requires five years of experience in IS or IT audit, assurance, security, or control. In contrast, a four-year degree takes the place of two years of experience. Some of these methods include ransomware, malware, and social engineering. Businesses find the challenge of implementing effective security measures daunting.

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It’s a good idea to let your employer know about your plans to study, as they might be willing to help with the funding. After all, the how to become a security specialist and skills you gain will benefit your career and, in turn, the organization. In their role, Cybersecurity Analysts determine whether any weaknesses exist in information systems and develop strategies and solutions to fix these vulnerabilities. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that demand for Information Security Analysts will grow 28 percent between 2016 and 2026, which is roughly an increase of 28,500 jobs. With proper cybersecurity measures in place, employees can work efficiently on computer equipment that runs free of viruses, Adware, and Ransomware. Viruses can slow down computers and cause interruptions in business operations.

As a result, this boosts the demand for more Cybersecurity engineers. SNHU provides affordable, online degree programs that are recognized by employers, certifying bodies, and universities nationwide. Pay attention to the most significant factors that determine how much you will be earning in a particular position. The good news is that IT professionals, in general, earn twice as much as the national median wage in the US.

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You may start searching for certifications that apply to the field or fields you may be interested in at this point. The ones that require you to complete a degree to take the certification exam may allow you to sign up if you will be finished with your degree when the exam in offered. Go through the job ads and make note of the required certifications; use your class studies to begin getting those skills you need. And, as you begin to write cover letters and complete your resume, have a solid plan on advancing your education.

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Personnel security specialists make the most in Connecticut with an average salary of $103,015. Whereas in Massachusetts and New York, they would average $99,577 and $98,713, respectively. While personnel security specialists would only make an average of $98,047 in California, you would still make more there than in the rest of the country. We determined these as the best states based on job availability and pay.

This includes understanding common threat vectors and attacks, as well as familiarizing yourself with basic security tools and concepts. Every internship or entry-level job allows you to build on the knowledge and skill you learned in college. Software and hardware mechanisms that defend the infrastructure and network from unauthorized access, disruptions, and other attacks are all a part of network security. It also shields organizational assets from different internal and external threats when done correctly. It is a set of practices and processes aiming to protect any organization’s critical data.